Who Is Blade? Marvel’s Vampire Hunter Explained

Who Is Blade? Marvel’s Vampire Hunter Explained

Mahershala Ali will playing Blade in the MCU, but who exactly is the Daywalker?

Entire Blade Movie Saga – Deacon Frost, Reaper Virus, Dracula And Future Of The Franchise Explored

We expect superhero flicks from Marvel or DC to be massive superhits, and anything short of a crazy number is seen as disappointing. However, this wasn’t the case before the MCU came into prominence. The old-timers have seen way too many superheroes flops even though the stories and execution were perfect. We did have some standout hits like Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ and a few Superman films, but these weren’t the norms of the day. When ‘Blade’ first released in 1998, it provided some much-needed steam into the superhero genre. The Marvel fans were bowled over by the portrayal of this iconic day-walking vampire hero, and Wesley Snipes in the lead role was the perfect casting decision.
Blade was a half-vampire, who possessed the powers of his parents but not their weaknesses. The titular hero was such an intriguing character that following the success of the first movie it spawned two sequels and a TV series. While the films were written by David S. Goyer, the direction was handled by the likes of Stephen Norrington and Guillermo del Toro. Goyer himself donned the director’s hat in the third film, and he also co-wrote the TV series. In this video, we will take you through the three Blade movies that have been released so far and also shed some light on an upcoming project.

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0:00 Intro
1:46 Vampire Hunter – Blade (1998)
6:39 Our Take on the classic
14:30 One Man Still Has The Edge – Blade II (2002)
11:30 Gleefully Breaking the Conventions of Vampire Flicks
13:18 Where it began so it shall end – Blade: Trinity (2004)
16:21 The One where the trilogy falls apart!
18:37 Blade Reboot

Marvel’s Vampires: The Forgotten Creatures of Comics!

You might know Blade and Jubilee from Marvel Comics, but did you know there’s a LOT more to their vampires?
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Avengers #12-#17 | Why The Avengers Need The Vampire Hunter Blade

A Vampire Civil War has been brewing in the shadows, and now the Avengers need the help of the most deadly vampire hunter in the Marvel Universe… Blade. Avengers #12-#17

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BLADE (The Perfect Vampire) History + MCU Explored

Created by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Gene Colan as a supporting character in issue #10 of The tomb of Dracula, released in July of 1973, Blade is a Dhampir, a half-human half-vampire being that was tainted by vampirism, but not completely corrupted by it who possessed all the strengths of vampires and none of their weaknesses… Except for the thirst for blood.

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